Central Judicial Commission

(Reg. CG Act 1882, Government Of India)

Mr. M.K. Bain

Founder & Chairman

Welcome Message

Dear Citizen,
Central Judicial Commission is the premier investigative and law maintaining agency in the country today, with a dual responsibility to investigate grievous cases and provide leadership and direction in fighting corruption across the country. It is indeed an honour to be heading such an agency which houses the country's best investigative minds to fulfill this mission. I am aware of the tremendous responsibility and expectations that the people of the country have from us. I am confident that by staying true to our motto, “SARVODA SARVA SREHSTA SEVA AUR SURAKSHA”, we will discharge our duties in a manner that will bring more laurels to this premier organization. The enquires and investigations of CJC have far reaching ramifications not only in the lives of the general public but also in the lives and careers of dignitaries and public servants. We, therefore, need to ensure that the quality of investigation is of the highest standard and probity.

As crime, corruption and economic offences evolve, it is critical that we upgrade our skills and capabilities to meet both present challenges and prepare for the future. Our investigative abilities and capabilities should be second to none and our preparation of investigations should be such to ensure quick disposal of cases, to ensure that while the wrong doers don't go scot free the innocent are not harassed.

It is my firm belief that the people are the bedrock of any organization. While the people with CJC have a lot of challenging work, they also have a sense of satisfaction with each case that is brought to its logical conclusion. This sense of satisfaction is second to none, and is the prime driver within this organization. We have to ensure that we maintain such standards and professionalism so that CJC continues to attract the best of talent from across the country. Welfare of the force along with redressal of grievances of the force will also be a priority during my tenure.

Let us pledge to work together to ensure that we meet the responsibilities and expectation that have been entrusted on us. I am confident that together, we will overcome all challenges and take big strides in becoming one of the premier investigative agencies of the world.